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Enhancing Observability and Integration Excellence


StackState partnered with Squads to tackle complex integration challenges, enhancing its observability platform's capabilities with systems like AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes. This collaboration led to robust product integrations, improved quality, and a more versatile solution for customers.

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Empowering Dutch Renewable Energy Choices


Vandebron revolutionised Dutch energy by allowing direct choice of renewable sources. Squads developed a dynamic reservation system, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency, marking significant innovation in energy retail.

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Launching Singapore’s First Renewable Electricity Company


FloEnergy launched Singapore's first renewable electricity company, innovating with Squads to build a scalable, secure software platform. This partnership set new standards for agility and efficiency in the energy sector, showcasing the transformative impact of renewable solutions.

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Taking On The Giants – How Squads Teams Built A Complete Mediation Platform From Scratch


Aequus & Squads disrupted mobile ad mediation by building an independent platform with real-time bidding, challenging giants and achieving rapid scale and acquisition by Moloco.

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How Firstbird Quickly Scaled its Front-End Development Team


Firstbird had to quickly expand its front-end development team, but wanted to be more efficient than its competitors. Local hiring was prohibitively expensive and Firstbird needed world-class expertise to meet a tight deadline

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New E-learning Platform For Even Better Online Courses


New E-learning Platform For Even Better Online Courses. Ucourse is a social learning platform that makes online course creation easy. Aimed at training institutes and educational experts, this too seamlessly digitizes customer-friendly course offerings.