Bring Your Products to Life

Offering the Best Teams of Remote Software Developers

Discover how you can go from initial concept to launch with our team of teams by starting your free roadmap below.

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Bring Your Products to Life

Offering the Best Teams of Remote Software Developers

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Discover how you can go from initial concept to launch with our team of teams by starting your free roadmap below.



We are a team of teams. Our clients never have to worry about on-boarding or recruiting. We help to jump start your businesses using our community of developers who have been working together for many years. Get specialized software development whether you are a start up in your pre-seed round of funding or an enterprise that is looking to expand.



We believe our work speaks for itself. With a handpicked community of developers that have been working together for years we have a track record that proves it. We actively listen until we truly understand the business challenge so that we can develop a product that is effective for years to come. Our clients, pay by sprint, meaning we do not invoice for projects beforehand. This ensures our clients are paying for work that they approved.



Onboard a team of dedicated developers to take you from initial concept to launch. Work with the same core team throughout the project while taking advantage of Squads' seamless team scaling, up or down, to get exactly what is needed at precisely the right time. Project requirements ebb and flow and we are able to accommodate accordingly.

SQUADS Client Journey

Step 1 Founding
Company Launch

 After you finish the initial steps needed to launch your new company, funding is the next big hurdle. Pre-seed funding is the earliest stage of funding, usually raised before you have a product MVP and as you form your company. This funding typically comes from angel investors or friends and family of the founders and comes in exchange for equity, often in the form of Safe or Promissory Notes.

Step 2 Teams
Team Acquisition
hire software developers
Building a winning product starts with a talented team. Growing a team requires quality talent acquisition. Some of the biggest companies are not able to hire inhouse developers with the experience to stay within the projected timeline and budget.  This is where Squads' community of developers sets them apart.
Step 3 Engineering
Design and Construction

Now that you've pitched your idea and revised the business plan the next step is picking the perfect team to create your design. Here at Squads we are a remote software development Team of Teams ready to bring your ideas to digital life. With sprints you're paying after project approval because our work speaks for itself. 

Step 4 Testing
Improvement and Testing

Now that you have interviewed and partnered with a team of developers to build your project. As a full stack development team we have the experience to actively listen and give our guidance on your project roadmap. Partnering with companies from vast industries we'll provide solutions that have helped businesses like yours overcome hurdles. 

/ Growth Partners

We Are Ready To Help You To The Next Level

From full-stack developers to UX/UI designers to DevOps and QA, we can help you with all of your development needs. We team up with early-stage businesses through to mature corporations to form cohesive teams that effectively collaborate on projects, build businesses, and drive revenue through amazing products.

/ Startup Success

This is your guide to startup success! Do you have a great business idea, and don’t know how to launch it? Contacting one of our team members can help you navigate from idea to launch! Click the button below to learn how


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“We have been working with Squads from the startup phase. In the beginning, for us, it was a great way of getting a full development team on board, but just pay for one developer”, says Willemijn Schneyder. “Squads continues to give us a lot of flexibility as they work as a flexible layer around our internal development team. Helping out when and where needed. Squads has been a reliable and flexible partner for us in making sure our product development is up to speed, always”.


“It would not have been possible to have such a high-quality product without the skills, dedication, and professionalism of Squads. The Optima model and software really will revolutionize ways in which HIV epidemics are responded to in many places around the world. This is a valuable product which we are proud of and it will be used to improve the health of many populations.”



For two years now I’ve immersed myself in e-learning and research on social learning innovation. It is fantastic to work together with a great team of Squads experts on the development of Ucourse.

/ Case Studies

See How Our Clients Went From Concept to Launch

Browse our customer stories to read about the startup founders and intrapreneurs that we’ve worked with and how we helped scale their businesses to reach new audiences and grow to new heights

New Software Version For Firstbird’s Referral Platform

Firstbird is the digital employee referral program, which connects people with their vocations and companies worldwide with suitable candidates. With Firstbird, employees become brand ambassadors, and referrals become a company’s most successful recruiting channel.

New E-learning Platform For Even Better Online Course

Ucourse is a social learning platform that makes online course creation easy. Aimed at training institutes and educational experts, this too seamlessly digitizes customer-friendly course offerings.

BridalLive, a Custom Bridal Shop POS Software Development

BridalLive is a Bridal Shop POS Software startup from Marietta, GA. With the most advanced bridal shop software in the world they help bridal shop owners live their dreams.

Blockport, an End-to-End Cryptocurrency Software Development

Blockport (short for “Blockchain portal”) is an end-to-end trading platform for cryptocurrencies. With a focus on increasing liquidity, security, transparency, usability and education, it enables anyone to take part.

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