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Squads is a passionate community of self-organizing and peer-vetted full-stack developers operating under a single agreement for all projects.

Tell us about your product vision.

We’ll organize the right team you need to achieve your vision...usually within 24-48 hours.


It’s that fast.

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How a Squads team is formed

Building a winning product starts with a talented team.

  • 1
    We rigorously test and vet every applicant.
  • 2
    We select the right team for your project based on your needs.
  • 3
    As advanced or specialized skills such as blockchain and AI are needed, your team recruits from other Squads teams for the specialized competencies you need - on demand.

What's next?

Talk to one of our industry experts

An expert on our team will work with you to understand your business goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

What kind of team do you want?

What is your culture?

What are your critical technologies?

Work with a hand-selected core team

Stop recruiting. We'll organize the right team for your project and vision.

Average time to match is 24-48 hours.

Seriously. Fast.

The right fit, guaranteed

Onboard a team of dedicated developers to take you from initial concept to launch.

Start with a core team, add specialists from other teams as you need them.

Stay lean.

Stop recruiting.

Build smart.

Payment Options

Per sprint

Reduce risk — get to market faster

  • Find the right team chemistry
  • Experience Squads without risk
  • Find the right team faster
  • Ready to start — usually within 24 hours
  • Hand-selected and vetted
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Per month

Flat rates for a core team

  • Stable and fixed pricing
  • The core talent you need
  • Tap into specialists separately
  • Ready to start — usually within 24 hours
  • Hand-selected and vetted
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People choose Squads

Andy UleryCo-Founder

I have had the pleasure of working with the Squads team on more than a few projects. When my co-founder and I were deciding on the best and fastest means to get our mediation product to market I immediately looked to Squads. This is not an "outsourced" development house, but rather a group of ready made and very experienced teams that can handle any type of challenge we threw at them during the build of the Aequus platform. What is most unique in my opinion is Squads ability to scale up (and down if needed) throughout the project to handle new product updates and the myriad of changes that inevitably come up during the build stage of a new business. If we needed something done faster during a sprint, the Squads team deftly added additional team members to ensure timelines were met. Finally, Squads was able to seamlessly work with our mobile development team to get our highly complex, data heavy advertising technology platform ready for deployment in about 6 months from the first code being written. At no time did we look at the Squads members as anything but part of our team and for a super lean startup, that means a ton.

Arnim Wahls
Arnim WahlsFounder

I needed a front-end team fast, we had a drop-deadline that we couldn’t miss, and being in Berlin, competition for talent was cut-throat — salaries were high and we couldn’t afford the risk of a bad hire.

Marie-Louise KokIntrepreneur at Sanoma Lab and founder at Ucourse

For two years now I’ve immersed myself in e-learning and research on social learning innovation. It is fantastic to work together with a great team of Squads experts on the development of Ucourse.