Enhancing Observability and Integration Excellence


StackState, a leading provider of observability solutions, embarked on a journey to elevate its product offerings by enhancing its integration capabilities with various systems and technologies. Facing the need for highly technical and adaptable engineering talent, StackState partnered with Squads to leverage their expertise in building complex integrations and ensuring high-quality software development practices.


The primary challenge StackState faced was the development of robust integrations with a wide range of systems, including AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes, among others. These integrations were critical for StackState to provide comprehensive observability solutions to its customers, allowing for seamless data ingestion and processing from diverse environments. The technical complexity and depth of knowledge required for these integrations necessitated a partnership with a team capable of rapidly learning and adapting to new technologies.


Squads provided StackState with highly skilled engineers who were not only adept at tackling the technical challenges of building complex integrations but also brought a flexible and investigative approach to the development process. This partnership enabled StackState to enhance its product's integration capabilities significantly, facilitating the ingestion of data from various sources into the StackState platform. Furthermore, Squads' contribution extended beyond engineering skills to include best practices in software development, quality assurance, and valuable feedback on product features and usability.


The collaboration between StackState and Squads led to the successful development of key product integrations, greatly enhancing StackState's observability platform's capabilities. This has allowed StackState to offer its customers a more robust and versatile solution, capable of providing deep insights into their operational environments. Additionally, the partnership fostered a culture of quality and innovation within StackState, with Squads' engineers integrating seamlessly into the team and contributing to a continuous improvement process.


StackState's partnership with Squads exemplifies how collaboration with the right talent can drive product innovation and enhance technical capabilities. Through Squads' flexible and skilled engineering teams, StackState was able to tackle complex integration challenges, improve its product quality, and deliver greater value to its customers. This case study highlights the importance of selecting partners who not only bring technical expertise but also align with the company's culture and commitment to quality.

Martin van Vliet photo


Partnering with Squads has been a pivotal part of StackState's journey towards becoming a leader in the observability space. The Squads team brought an invaluable blend of technical depth, agility, and a proactive approach to problem-solving that greatly accelerated our product development. Their contributions went beyond mere code; they brought insights, innovation, and a commitment to quality that resonated deeply with our values. Squads felt less like an external vendor and more like an extension of our own team, deeply invested in our success and constantly pushing us towards excellence. Our collaboration with Squads has not just been about achieving our technical goals; it's been about setting new standards for what our technology can achieve. For that, we are truly grateful.

Martin van Vliet

VP Engineering