Empowering Dutch Renewable Energy Choices


Vandebron emerged as a revolutionary energy retail company in the Netherlands, reshaping how consumers connect with renewable energy sources. The company's innovative model allowed customers to directly choose their renewable electricity sources, a novel approach that required sophisticated technical support to manage. Vandebron turned to Squads for its technical expertise to tackle this challenge.


The main challenge was implementing a dynamic reservation system that could handle the variability and availability of renewable energy sources. This system needed to manage temporary and fixed reservations, reflecting the real-time capacity from a variety of renewable sources.


Squads developed a robust technical infrastructure capable of supporting Vandebron's unique business model. A code refactor improved the system's efficiency, enhancing both scalability and agility. This technical partnership was vital in creating a secure and user-friendly platform that underpinned Vandebron's customer offering.


The collaboration resulted in a pioneering reservation system that significantly improved the customer experience and operational efficiency. This system became a key component of Vandebron's success, contributing to its prominent position in the Dutch renewable energy market.


The partnership between Vandebron and Squads exemplifies the critical role of agile development teams in bringing innovative energy solutions to market. Through technical expertise and collaborative problem-solving, Squads helped Vandebron realize its vision of connecting consumers directly with renewable energy sources.

Matthijs Guichelaar photo


Working with Squads has been a transformative experience. Their agile methodology and deep understanding of our mission enabled us to navigate complex technical challenges and market transitions seamlessly. The quality, security, and innovative spirit they brought to our projects have been invaluable. I'm deeply grateful for Squads' trust, dedication, and excellence throughout our journey. Our successes reflect not just on technology, but on the strong partnerships that made it all possible. Thank you, Squads, for being an integral part of our impact in the renewable energy landscape.

Matthijs Guichelaar

Co-Founder / CEO