Launching Singapore’s First Renewable Electricity Company


FloEnergy, the first renewable electricity company in Singapore, was founded to replicate and enhance the successful model Matthijs Guichelaar developed with Vandebron in the Netherlands. Facing the challenges of a new market and the need for a scalable software solution, FloEnergy engaged Squads for its expertise in agile software development.


The company aimed to establish a new software stack that would enable agile, cost-effective, and efficient delivery of renewable energy services in Singapore. The challenge was twofold: adapting to another market and building a software platform from scratch.


Drawing on the experience gained from Vandebron, Squads built a new software stack for FloEnergy that focused on quality, security, and agility. The chosen technology supported a scalable and robust platform, allowing for rapid adaptation to market demands and innovation in service delivery.


FloEnergy’s successful launch set new standards for the energy sector in Singapore, demonstrating the viability and efficiency of renewable energy retail in a new market. Squads’ role was pivotal in creating a solid technical foundation that allowed FloEnergy to confidently navigate the complexities of introducing renewable energy solutions to Singapore.


The collaboration on FloEnergy underscores the transformative impact that skilled development teams like Squads can have on the renewable energy sector. Squads’ flexible and innovative approach to software development played a crucial role in FloEnergy’s ability to introduce renewable energy solutions to Singapore, marking a significant step forward in the region’s energy transition.

Matthijs Guichelaar photo


Working with Squads has been a transformative experience. Their agile methodology and deep understanding of our mission enabled us to navigate complex technical challenges and market transitions seamlessly. The quality, security, and innovative spirit they brought to our projects have been invaluable. I'm deeply grateful for Squads' trust, dedication, and excellence throughout our journey. Our successes reflect not just on technology, but on the strong partnerships that made it all possible. Thank you, Squads, for being an integral part of our impact in the renewable energy landscape.

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Matthijs Guichelaar

Co-Founder / CEO