5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an App Developer for Your Business

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by Grant
October 11, 2021

Mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion by the end of the year.

The number of new app installs has spiked since the pandemic. Industries like food delivery and fitness have seen a jump of 23.3%. However, only 9% of people will continue to use an app if it offers a poor user experience (UX).

If your company wants to produce a quality application to promote your brand should you Google ‘hire app developer’? Or do you have a strategy in place before jumping on the app development bandwagon?

This article offers 5 reasons why you should hire software developers and what your app should aim to achieve.

Learn about the different types of apps and the difference between iPhone and Android development. Discover the benefits of hiring a remote web developer to produce custom software.

Read on to see how to choose the right developer to create the perfect app.

What Is App Development?

An estimated 3.8 billion people own a smartphone.

Each of those phones accesses applications or apps that provide a unique service. For example, the Gmail app downloads and sends emails while WhatsApp offers live communications.

The magic behind these apps lies with the custom software developers who build them.

Devs create, test, and program a range of applications to match their clients’ needs. They work in teams to create a road map of what the app will do and how it will work. They also offer support once the app goes live including fixing bugs and adding new features.

Development isn’t limited to a local team as remote web developers produce work on par or better than in-house devs.

Types of App Development

Mobile phones and computer tablets now come in two flavors: Android and iOS. Unfortunately, neither are compatible so your development team must create an app version for both.

To achieve this, there are four app development options to choose from:

  • Native apps – optimized apps that only work on the native platform

  • Hybrid apps – combine dynamic web content with a native app

  • Web apps – responsive websites that work within the browser

  • AWA apps – Adaptive Web Applications are web apps acting like a real app

Businesses traditionally hired software developers to create native applications for the app stores. Yet native apps require a separate codebase. Updates can soon mount up if you need to edit two separate platforms.

Hybrid apps take a native ‘shell’ and wrap web content within it.

The same code can work on all devices and that goes for websites and web apps. AWA apps work in a similar way. But all three approaches can’t access the full power of a smartphone as native apps can.

Why Hire App Developer Teams?

Like any project scope, apps require different feature sets to target specific audiences.

For example, your business may want to sell products. Or you might want a manage your supply chain. Perhaps you only need a small app to offer discount codes to loyal customers.

Custom software developers work alongside you to build an app that matches your requirements. They also keep within budget and offer expert advice.

To outline this further, we’ve outlined 5 reasons below why you should hire an app developer for your business.

1. Promote Your Brand on All Devices

Apple’s iOS platform currently serves 1.65 billion iPhones and iPad. That’s a huge potential market for your app but that’s nothing compared to Android’s 3 billion devices.

Promoting your brand on all device types combines these figures but that means creating two separate apps. Hiring a team of custom software developers gives you the flexibility to create applications on any system.

At Squads, we have a large talent pool of front-end and back-end developer teams.

UX and UI designers will work to integrate your brand message within the look and feel of the app. The developers will then code the project and test it at each stage.

You can view their progress at any time and best of all you get to choose your own team.

2. Build a Direct Marketing Channel

Would you like to send notifications directly to your customers with coupon codes or marketing messages?

By hiring a development team, you dictate exactly how the app will work. That includes the frequency of notifications and the content they display.

You can grow this functionality to include live one-to-one chat, for example. Or simply produce a brochure-style app to advertise the list of your current services.

3. Create a Long Term Partnership

A common concern about hiring a remote software development team is building a relationship that will last.

Company owners may think that a remote team will change for every project or new software update. They hire local talent at double the salary and have to license hardware and software before a single line of code gets written.

Squads has a dedicated talent pool with a proven track record. 

Companies from around the world trust our development teams to build and maintain their apps. Why? Because we work alongside you before, during, and after your app goes live.

4. Access Modern Technology

Modern smartphones offer gyro sensors to detect movement and Bluetooth to connect to wireless devices. They use facial recognition for security and augmented reality for immersive experiences.

Tap into these modern technologies and bring a unique experience to your customers by hiring the right development team.

5. Project Management

Managing app development means managing people. Communication between designers, developers, and other parties requires a dedicated manager.

Take advantage of a remote development team that’s headed by a competent manager.

They will map out milestones and ensure each gets met. They’ll also be your point of contact and inform you of outstanding issues and deadlines.

Hire an Expert Remote Web Developer Team

Apps come in a variety of forms like native apps, AWAs, and hybrid applications. Android and iOS devices complicate things further as do the different app store options.

Searching online for ‘hire app developer’ returns thousands of results. But which team offers the best service? And how can be sure they will partner with you in the long term?

Squads offers the best team of remote app and web developers to meet your needs.

If you need help mapping out a roadmap to application success then look no further. You have full control over your project and only pay for the work you approve. Our remote workforce will scale alongside your company’s growth and we offer access to modern dev tools.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Discover how Squads helps millions through remote team development.