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Success (especially in the online world) can be hard to obtain, since competition can be fierce. So how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? And how can you obtain a competitive advantage? We are a team of growth hackers which can help you in following ways:

  • Online strategy - By creating an outline of your current online strategy, we can get a clear view of what has been done so far. We need this in order to create a new online strategy. Every strategy is tailor-made since not every online ‘technique’ works in every sector/company.

  • Google Analytics implementation and analysis

  • How do you obtain more conversions? This is the question that gets answered in Conversion Optimization.

  • With website optimization, the main question that’s gets answered is “What prevents my visitor in becoming a customer?” At the Pegasus team we like to think of Website Optimization to use our experience, best practices, common sense and data analysis to change your website.

  • More visitors = More sales. Some traffic sources we’ve used to attract more visitors for our clients are:

    • AdWords

    • SEO

    • Social Media Advertising/Strategie (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

    • E-mail marketing

    • Creating Partnerships

    • Content marketing (blogging and promoting blogposts)

    • Local marketing

    • Comparison engines

    • Banner campaigns

    • Affiliate marketing

    • Coupon/Discount websites

    • Direct traffic (this is essentialy your Brand awareness. By creating a strong brand, visitors will visit to your website directly).

  • We specialize in content marketing and can help you in developing effective communication strategies.

  • We help clients in building the base of content marketing as well, i.e. helping the startup team in writing blogs focused towards generating leads.

  • Our team has a unique web developer who specialize in UI/UX as well. That minimizes the hand over and helps in doing Design Driven Development based websites.

We have worked with clients in industries such as venture capital, e-commerce, 3D printing, digital publishing, advanced analytics and more

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Shrikant Vashishtha



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