Republiq, Vandebron’s mother company, had a big idea, and a correspondingly big business plan. But in order to set their ideas in motion, they needed to secure a seed investment. This required a solid technical plan.

Republiq approached us in the fall of 2013. The founders’ two main questions were “what will the build cost?” and “can it be built in a couple of months?” They needed to convince investors that they had access to the right development capabilities and that their idea could actually be executed. Most importantly, they needed an action plan.


StarterSquad helped Republiq define which features would be necessary for their MVP. We performed a Technical Feasibility Scan which allowed Republiq to demonstrate that the platform build was possible, and could be done quickly. We also provided a plan to build up Republiq’s internal development team, offering investors a clear roadmap going forward.


Republiq secured the investment round required to build Vandebron at the end of 2013. After this, they hired us to build the MVP as quickly as possible. The first iteration was delivered in Q1 of 2014. Following a successful project delivery, we started taking care of the startup’s hosting, maintenance and training. Today, we are proud to say that Vandebron is showing promising growth. The company has been praised by Dutch media and has been gaining thousands of customers since its launch.