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by Iryna Evseeva
March 11, 2024

Here at Squads, we're all about making tech feel more human. We believe that great design isn't only about looking fantastic. We create experiences that genuinely help folks get things done – easily, efficiently, and with a smile on their face. So, how do we know if we're getting it right? It's all in the metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that shine a light on our UX victories.

Why Bother Measuring UX?

Backing Up Design Choices: Armed with hard data, explaining our design decisions becomes straightforward. This clarity is invaluable when rallying support from stakeholders.

Spotting Improvement Opportunities: Monitoring user interactions reveals areas for refinement, guiding us to smooth out the user experience.

Showcasing Our Impact: Quantifying our UX achievements demonstrates how good design elevates our overall objectives, highlighting the design team's contribution.

The Must-Watch Metrics and KPIs

Let's explore the metrics that reveal the effectiveness of our UX, with some budget-friendly tips on how to measure them:

Usability Metrics

Task Success Rate: Use simple tools like Google Analytics to track conversions or set up goal completions that represent key tasks. This approach helps us understand how many users accomplish what they set out to do without investing in expensive software.

Time on Task: Implement time tracking on key pages or during specific actions using basic analytics tools. This data helps us gauge the efficiency of our design.

Error Rate: Monitor error messages or failed transactions through your website’s backend analytics to identify and address common user challenges.

User Satisfaction Metrics

Net Promoter Score (NPS): Use free or budget-friendly survey tools to ask users how likely they are to recommend your product. This single question can provide a wealth of insight.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): Again, simple surveys post-interaction can gauge user happiness. Tools like Typeform or Google Forms offer cost-effective solutions.

System Usability Scale (SUS): Distribute a standard SUS questionnaire through email or as part of your website feedback form. This tried-and-tested method remains an affordable way to measure perceived usability.

Engagement Metrics

Session Duration/Time on Page: Analytics platforms provide these insights without additional costs, helping us see how engaging our content is.

Bounce Rate and Pageviews per Session: Easily tracked via analytics tools, these metrics indicate how well we capture and retain user interest.

Conversion Metrics

Conversion Rate: Analytics tools can track specific conversion goals, from sign-ups to purchases, offering clear insights into our UX's effectiveness in driving desired actions.

Cart Abandonment Rate: By analysing checkout process steps, we can identify where users drop off, using the data to streamline and improve the buying experience.

Picking the Right Metrics

Choosing what to track should align with our objectives and what actions add value. We focus on KPIs that directly impact our goals, ensuring we invest our efforts wisely.

Looking Beyond the Figures

While numbers offer invaluable insights, we also emphasise:

Usability Testing: Engaging with real users provides deeper understanding. Simple tests, even conducted remotely or with a small user group, can uncover a wealth of actionable insights.

User Feedback: Direct input from our users, gathered through surveys, feedback forms, or social media, offers qualitative insights that numbers alone cannot.

Wrapping Up

Perfecting UX is a continuous effort. By tracking key metrics, adapting to trends, and listening to our users, we're committed to creating user experiences that not only look great but feel intuitive and enriching.

At Squads, we're passionate about infusing technology with a human touch. Together, let's create something truly remarkable!