Squads invested in BOAS, the vintage fashion platform that saves lives

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by Iwein Fuld
December 19, 2023
BOAS screenshot
BOAS screenshot

The adverse environmental impact of fast fashion is undeniable, contributing to 10% of global CO2 emissions (more than flying) and consuming a staggering 93 trillion liters of water annually. Enter BOAS, a unique online platform that not only addresses the environmental toll of fast fashion but also channels 90% of its profits to life-saving charities. Squads' recent investment in BOAS signals a promising shift toward sustainable and socially responsible fashion.

From Fast Fashion to Fast Vintage Fashion

The fashion landscape is evolving, with an increasing number of consumers embracing second-hand clothing. The vintage fashion industry is booming, growing at an impressive 25% per year and projected to double by 2030. BOAS is at the forefront of this movement, offering a circular fashion platform that combines the speed of fast fashion with the affordability and sustainability of second-hand clothing.

Research conducted by BOAS reveals a common deterrent to second-hand shopping: the time-consuming process of finding the perfect piece. BOAS addresses this challenge in the vintage denim market by providing a platform that aims to be ten times faster than existing second-hand platforms. With high-quality photos, accurate measurements, and a "Take the Price or Take the Risk" pricing model, BOAS ensures a seamless and efficient shopping experience for vintage denim enthusiasts. Your jeans get shipped the same day and if they don’t fit (BOAS remeasures all jeans to make sure they do) you can return for free. 

Vincent van der Holst, CEO of BOAS, explains, "BOAS works like fast fashion platforms but for vintage jeans and denim items. Ten times faster, with fast shipping and free returns. Fast vintage fashion."

The Dutch Flower Auction Model and 90% of profits to save lives

BOAS sets itself apart by featuring genuine vintage jeans from 1873 to the present day from brands like Levi's, Wrangler, Lee, Diesel, G-star, and Dickies. The denim is found by BOAS from the clothing streams in the world of discarded items and through collaborations with processors of these items. Piece by piece, all items are viewed and selected for sale. Each garment is checked for authenticity, professional photos are taken, the relevant information is carefully collected, and the items are carefully measured by BOAS' denim professionals so that the customer always buys the correct size. BOAS is also pioneering its ‘Take the Price or Take the Risk’ pricing model. After a pair of jeans is placed on BOAS, the price automatically drops twice a day. Does a consumer find the jeans they want? Then, they can purchase it immediately or take the gamble and wait for the price to drop even further. After checkout, BOAS ships the same day so customers have their vintage denim item in their home the next day. Customers immediately save the CO2 emissions of a 27-kilometer car trip and the water used by 15 showers, 945 liters of water.

Besides quickly buying a good pair of jeans at a good price, BOAS goes one step further: 90% of the company's net profits are donated via the BOAS Lifesavers Foundation to charities that save lives, such as the Against Malaria Foundation and GiveWell, among others.

Van der Holst: "There are 10 trillion in profits yearly. To still meet the goals in the Paris Agreement and save the lives of the millions of people who die unnecessarily every year, a lot of money is needed, but that money already exists, it’s just not being used to save lives and the planet. We use "Profit for Good" and use our profits to fund solutions to the biggest problems of our time. With us, 90% of profits go to saving lives. With just €5,000, together we have already saved one life. This is great news and motivates us tremendously to grow bigger and turn all our buyers into 'lifesavers'."

One Life Saved, Many More to Go

Since its founding in 2021, BOAS has donated €6,500, resulting in the saving of a life. The company's current valuation stands at €3.34 million, with €3 million earmarked to save lives—expected to exceed 600 lives saved. To fuel its growth and mission, BOAS has launched a sharefunding campaign on Eyevestor, in partnership with Generous Minds. The funds raised will be used to open a flagship store in Amsterdam and enhance the platform's capabilities, making vintage fashion even faster, so BOAS can save more jeans from being dumped or burnt. 

If you want to become a co-owner of BOAS and join the other lifesavers, you can invest here.