Case Studies

Custom Software Development Boosts Performance At SwipeGuide

SwipeGuide standardizes work in the manufacturing industry with their work instruction software. The online platform has the option to create digital work instructions in a flexible way with a variety of features. Manufacturing and engineering companies can capture their critical operational knowledge in SwipeGuides, follow manufacturing cycles, and give the editors a variety of feedback options from the guide viewers themselves. The guides are used by shop floor workers and field service engineers as part of their daily job. SwipeGuide is integrated into the workflow via system integrations and the use of links and QR codes on the shop floor.

SwipeGuide, an Amsterdam-based B2B SaaS scale-up, set out to develop a simple tool for guides. Critical operational knowledge in companies is often badly documented. It sits in PDF files on an Intranet or in the heads of experienced workers. The existing work instructions tend to be poorly optimized for use of the shop floor during the performance of the actual job.

SwipeGuide decided to work with Squads, because they needed developers and marketers to develop the tool in-house and validate market interest.

SwipeGuide approached us in the Summer of 2014. An early prototype and a website with a basic landing page were set up by the end of June. Our team developed sample tutorials to create use cases and shared these with potential clients and investors. In addition, SwipeGuide temporarily hired Squads’ marketing specialists to raise awareness on social media and develop a content marketing strategy for the product.
Today Squads continues to give support in the development, software and system architecture, db designs, and training of new members. To help SwipeGuide grow, increase pace, share knowledge, and provide them with training for their on-site team.

Squads continues to give support behind the scenes. The last feature we’ve been working on (2020) is focused on knowledge sharing between manufacturing locations and amongst field service engineers. This allows users from different locations to search for best practices that help them to perform better. With permission from the creators they can re-use the guides by creating a copy or linking them to their organization. By optimizing the search filters, it’s easier to search for valuable knowledge that improves performance.

“We have been working with Squads from the startup phase. In the beginning, for us, it was a great way of getting a full development team on board, but just pay for one developer”, says Willemijn Schneyder. “Squads continues to give us a lot of flexibility as they work as a flexible layer around our internal development team. Helping out when and where needed. Squads has been a reliable and flexible partner for us in making sure our product development is up to speed, always”.

Willemijn Schneyder (CEO of SwipeGuide)