Remote software developers

How to Find the Best Remote Software Developers

Back in December 2019 remote working wasn’t the standard yet. Just like most people I would drive to the office every day. Encountering many traffic jams on the road, I felt like there was another solution to my aversion to unnecessary travelling. I started working remotely. Nowadays, remote working has become widely accepted. Working in or with a remote team has gained popularity, also in the software industry. So that raises the question: ‘How to find the best remote software developers?’

How to Find the Best Remote Software Developers

Software developers are hard to find. Not because there aren’t many, but, for instance, finding the right front- or backend developer is hard. Especially if you want to find someone that has enough experience and know-how about the different programming languages. Many start-ups and scale-ups know how valuable excellent coders are and are willing to pay a lot of money for their expertise. Not only money is a problem, but also the maximum working hours of these coders. This leaves start-ups and scale-ups with the question: How to find the best (remote) software developers to help them with their software development?

Scouting Developers on LinkedIn

I know from experience that a lot of recruiters try scouting developers through LinkedIn. My brother is one of many people that has been scouted via the platform. Although he’s just started his career, he already had many offers. So imagine if you’re a developer with many years of experience. One thing that I’ve learned is that if you really want to stand out and find the right developer, you have to come with a great offer. The right monthly income, opportunities for developing skills, and what many might forget, a great team. A generalized assumption still is that many coders are lone wolfs, but that’s just not the case any more. We provide the right environment for coders to thrive in: a great team, flexible working hours, and a decent income. How to find the best remote software developers

Mismatched Developers

There are other options out there to find developers. Options that I’ve spotted are recruiting in Facebook groups for start-ups and scale-ups. Especially finding a CTO is a popular topic. I know that many companies eventually fail if they can’t find the right tech person. Andy, our head of sales in the USA, told me that in our most recent podcast episode. Some businesses try another tactic. They try to spot talent on platforms like Fiverr, but most are left empty handed. Having spend a lot of money, but with a mismatch in the desired outcome. Leaving the company with the wrong code, an outdated programming language, or without a future strategy.

Develop Your Software

A simple fact is that it’s hard to find the right developers. It might feel like a needle in a haystack, but it’s not impossible. At Squads we have a special system just for that. You can browse through different teams with various expertise. Our expertise is software, so we have many people available to do just that. We also work with weekly sprints, so that you can keep track of the progress that the team is making for your company. And we work with agile and lean principles. Struggle no more to find the right match for the development of your software. Book a free call with one of our software experts. We’ll help you with the perfect team to meet your needs.