How can i create a project on Squads?

How Can I Create a Project?

You can create a project directly from the homepage by clicking ‘Start now’ in de describe your needs section. When you have created an account for Squads.com first, you can also start a new project after logging in.

1. Click the ‘Projects’ tab in the menu to get to the projects page

how can I create a project?

How can i create a project on Squads?

2. Click the [+] New project button to start a new project

The Project Briefing window pops-up. How can i create a project on Squads

3. Fill out the Project Briefing and click the ‘Publish’ button

Your project is created and team suggestions appear. You can always complete and/or fine-tune your Project Briefing later. You can start conversations with teams and teams might also approach you to learn more about your project.