Frequently Asked Questions for Team Members

On this page you’ll find several articles about how we work at Squads. Browse through the different blogposts and questions on this page to find an answer. Didn’t find an answer to your question? Contact us.

1. How do I create an account on Squads?

You can create an account by signing up. Want to know more? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial about how to make an account on Squads.

2. How can I join a team?

The first step is to sign up on our site. After sign up and initial interview we may introduce you to a fitting team. When teams need your expertise they can also approach you. Bringing new team members to experienced teams gives our customers and new team members the best results. Read more here: How can I join a team?

3. How do Squads members get paid?

Every time a client accepts a week for a project you delivered on, credits are moved from their account to yours. Wan to know more? Make sure to check out this link: How do Squads members get paid?

4. I want to bring in clients, can I get a higher referral bonus?

Contact us if you’re interested to bring in more clients. Read more here: I want to bring in clients, can I get a higher referral bonus?

5. What kind of project can I work on?

We have a wide range of remote software development opportunities waiting for you! Do you want to work on web or app development or something else that is related to software? Sign up and we will contact you.

6. When does a client or project owner need to pay for a project?

7. Who’s in charge of managing each project?

The team guardian or representative will be your point of contact. They will make sure the project is progressing as expected and relay any questions and/or feedback you have to the team.

8. What happens if the client runs out of money?

When there are no credits, the client cannot book the team. The team is then free to take on other work, but usually they are happy to keep some spare capacity in case the client gets new budget.

9. What happens if the client requests features or changes that are out of the sprint scope?

We never do fixed price. This is for a good reason. If you’re thinking in fixed scope, you’re probably not on the right track. That said, there is a cost to changing priorities in the middle of work.

As long as the expectations are managed between the team and the client, deviating from the set plan is normal and acceptable. It is important to make clear what the expected impact on earlier estimates and timelines is before changing course.

10. What currency does Squads operate in?

Squads operates internally in euros (€). Clients can buy credits with any currency, for example via Transferwise, and you can also get paid in any currency.

Let us know if you prefer to keep your credits in another currency, once there is enough interest we will implement multi-currency support.

11. How do referrals work?

When a client signs up through a referral url all credit purchases from this client will be immediately result in a referral fee added to the referrer’s account. Squads.com will assess the involvement of the referrer after three months periodically. If the referrer is no longer actively involved, the percentage may be lowered.

12. What is a hired gun?

A team can invite external people on a per project basis to ensure enough capacity. The hired gun has less control over the team, but can deliver on the chosen project as any team member.

13. Why do clients have to pay up-front?

All relationships start building trust on good faith, but we want to create a safety net for all our members. Read more about why our clients pay up-front.

14. How do I get paid for referring clients?

When a user signs up through your referral link, they are automatically marked as a referral. Read more about referring clients.

15. How can I check the status of my referral?

On your referrals page you can see a list of referrals and a total earning amount. We don’t expose totals per referral, to keep the total spending per client private.