Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

We can imagine that you’ve questions about working with teams from Squads. On this page you’ll find most answers to your questions. Do you have another question that is not on this page? Contact us.

How do we get the right specialists on a project?

Sometimes particular specialism is needed on a project that your team doesn’t have. This could be test automation, devops, or a particularly tricky integration. Instead of telling the client to create a separate project for another team, you may also proxy for the specialists.

Here’s how that works:

  • Talk to your teammates and agree that you want to bring in a specialist
  • Talk to client and explain what’s going to happen
  • From your team page, go to the hired guns and click ‘Hire gun’
  • Talk to the hired gun to make sure they’re on board with the client expectations

A hired gun can book just as any team member, but only on that project. Hired guns don’t get to manage your team. Often your hired guns are also team members in another team. Take extra care to manage calendars and expectations well.

How does work get reviewed?

Each team should demonstrate the delivered work at the end of a week. Then the client is asked to accept that week in order to continue.

Can I rate a team for their work on my project?

Yes please! Ratings are used as input to offer the best teams to clients.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the Squad’s work?

If you find the work unacceptable, first the team gets a chance to fix the situation. If you cannot solve the problem with them, you can escalate to Squads and we will either solve the problem, or refund the money for the unaccepted week.

What do I need to submit my project successfully?

Give as much details as you can such as type of project (design, development, growth hacking, operations), budget, deadline for delivery, and what you want accomplished.

Can I request that the Squad signs an NDA?

Sure, we have a standard NDA for this situation. Typically the NDA is signed between the legal entity representing the Squad and the client, but individual NDA’s for team members can also be arranged.

What if I am constantly experiencing delays?

If the team is not delivering at the desired speed, you can round up the work in progress with them and then switch to another team. Squads.com is also happy to coach the project to see if the delays can be avoided by changing the process for your project.

How do I buy credits?

In order to get started on Squads.com you need credits. We use credits and the name for the budget you have to plan capacity from a team. You can always buy new credits after you are logged in to Squads.com. You current balance is visible in the top of the screen just besides the Squads logo.

how do I buy credits

1. Click on the green box indicating your available credit balance

A pop-up appears that allows you to enter the amount of credits (euro’s) you want to buy. When you represent a company you can enter the company details through the link ‘supply company details’. By entering your VAT details we can in certain cases drop the VAT (value added tax). In other cases you can reclaim the VAT from your Tax Office.

how do I buy credits

2. Click ‘Recharge credits’ to go to the payment screen

how do I buy credits

3. Choose your preferred method of payment and round off the payment

You will automatically get an invoice and the credits will be added to your account immediately.

Who holds the IP for my project?

Clients hold all IP for finished work.

In our terms we make sure that the copyright for unfinished work is held by Squads, so that we can never end up in a situation where copyright is claimed later by a team member. As soon as the client accepts, all copyright is transferred per our terms.

When reusable (open source) components are used, our terms ensure that those components can legally be used for free by our clients. We believe in open source, and so does our community.

Are agreements between Squads and clients legally binding?

Yes. Both freelancers and clients accept our terms. This means that team members are bound by contracts between clients and squads, as long as those are not conflicting with or exceeding the terms.

Our terms cover the needs for 99% of our clients, but on occasion we need to make an exception.

If there are agreements conflicting with or exceeding our terms, this can be captured in a separate contract. If such a contract involves team members’ behavior, we will ask the team members to co-sign.

What is the hourly rate?

At Squads, we don’t believe in hourly rates. From a team member perspective, billing hourly gives incentive to work less efficiently. From a client perspective, it gives incentive to devalue the team’s skills. This is the cause of the race to the bottom that has been happening in software outsourcing for the past decades. Squads is not part of that.

Fixed price –the extreme opposite– also sucks, so we need a middle ground. At Squads we work in weekly sprints with a predefined goal and budget.

If the team gets the job done in less than half the time the client expected, everybody wins. The client wins because there’s more time for feedback. The team wins because there’s more time to enjoy life outside work.

All that said, it’s OK to calculate what the hourly rates of your team are by average. Some teams are less than €30/h on average, some are more than €100. This number says something about the level of skill of the team. There’s no need to be secretive about this number, as long as both client and team understand that it’s not about time spent, but about value delivered.