Case Studies

New Software Version For Firstbird’s Referral Platform

Firstbird is the digital employee referral program, which connects people with their vocations and companies worldwide with suitable candidates. With Firstbird, employees become brand ambassadors, and referrals become a company’s most successful recruiting channel.


Back in 2016, Firstbird decided to create a new version of its referral platform. Back-end development was covered by an on-sight team, while for the front-end they were looking for assistance.

The deadline was tough – it was required to build a scalable first version from mockups in 6 months because the media highlight was planned for the launch. We were up for the challenge and provided help where it was needed.

We defined the critical features required for the launch, together with the client. Next, we focused on design, which we thought out before the development. To allow the requirements to be in place.

Finally, we worked on development. We agreed on short weekly sprints, often syncs, and retros to verify the direction of movement. On the go, Firstbird also hired several on-site front-end developers which we integrated into the process and helped to pick up the pace.

The launch took place as planned on the 1st of March (2016) in Berlin. In total, the development of the first version took 6 months. However, it did not stop there. We still continue to cooperate with and help Firstbird to develop their products. For instance, we’ve helped with the launch of a mobile application for Talent Scouts – Firstbird2Go.