Case Studies

BridalLive, a Custom Bridal Shop POS Software Development Case Study

BridalLive is a Bridal Shop POS Software startup from Marietta, GA. With the most advanced bridal shop software in the world they help bridal shop owners live their dreams.

With an established user base of hundreds of clients and a product over 6 years old, BridalLive was ready to renew their user experience and move to a SaaS solution. Making sure that all the existing features would be implemented in the new version was more work than the existing development team could comfortably handle.

BridalLive bought front-end development capacity from Squads and connected with one of the Squads teams to get the job done. After a little less than a year of intensive development, the entire suite was replaced and the new bridal shop software was delivered to the first customers.

The new platform is positively received by the bridal shop community, and all existing customers are migrated to the new SaaS platform without losing any business. BridalLive is now ready to scale up.