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Hiring a Custom Software Developer: 8 Questions to Ask Before You Do

A custom software developer can help you quickly get a useful product to market, but you need to know what to look for. Read on to learn more!

Hiring a Custom Software Developer: 8 Questions to Ask Before You Do

There are various types of software solutions available on the internet. Downloadable software remains the standard for many companies across the globe, for organizations like Microsoft. Software-as-a-solution (SaaS) products are available strictly on the internet, made popular by Amazon and Google. Regardless of the type of product you need, hiring a custom software developer is definitely in your best interest. Though, not all custom software development companies are created equal. If your business requires top-notch software, you can’t afford to make the right selection during the interview process. Therefore, when you’re creating your shortlist of custom software development providers, here are eight important questions to ask.

1. Tell Me About Your Company?

Hiring a software company is much more about partnering with a vendor than filling a role. Ultimately, you’re trusting a business with your hard-earned dollars to create a suitable product for your target audience. Before hiring any software developer, make sure you understand everything there is to know about their company. Ask about their core values and ethics. What do they hold dear, and what is their mission in business? The more you know about a software developer, the more equipped you’ll be to make an informed hiring decision.

2. Have You Completed any Projects Similar to Mine?

Every software development project is different. If you’re wanting to build a SaaS solution, then you have to realize that these products are a hybrid between mobile apps and websites. On the contrary, creating a downloadable software product is a time-consuming process and expensive process. Whether you want to develop a different kind of software product or have specific project requirements, asking this question is important. You’ll want to be perfectly clear that the software company you plan on hiring has completed projects very similar to your upcoming one.

3. Do You Have the Bandwidth for My Project?

Depending on the software company you plan to hire, you may have to ask the question of if they have the bandwidth to handle your project. If you’re dealing with a popular agency, chances are that they could be juggling several extensive projects like yours. This can reduce their focus on making sure that your product is designed according to your standards. Remember that just because you’ve scheduled a meeting with an agency doesn’t mean they’ll automatically have the availability for your project. Creating a software product takes a lot of time and effort, so make sure your prospective agency has the bandwidth to ensure your project’s success.

4. Do You Understand My Requirements?

It can be frustrating to pour hundreds and even thousands of dollars into a project that wasn’t completed according to your standards. You can avoid this reality by vetting any prospective software company with this question. Have a prospective developer articulate the type of requirements you’re looking for. Don’t automatically take their word when they claim they understand your project. Make sure they can contextualize the scope of your project and its intended outcome.

5. How Much Input Will You Need?

Some software developers don’t require any direction when completing projects. Others prefer to work directly with clients to spearhead projects and improve satisfaction. You won’t know which type of software developer you’ll be working with until you ask. Any prospective software developer should communicate how similar projects have worked out in the past. They should also provide you with regular updates on how your project is moving forward. Of course, you don’t want to be bogged down with every trivial aspect of the development process. Nonetheless, it will give you peace of mind to know how your project is going with consistent updates.

6. What is Your Development Process?

Before agreeing to work with a prospective software development company, you should first understand how their development process works. What are the highlights of their process? Do they include an extensive quality assurance phase to make sure that you’re fully satisfied with your product? How do they handle criticism and edits? Most importantly, does their development process align with your organizational style? Becoming more familiar with this process can ultimately help you stay on track with the progress of your upcoming project.

7. What are the Costs?

Price plays an integral role in any software development project. This is because different companies have distinct pricing models. Some will require milestones, which are separate payments for each level of progress in your project. Others may require a deposit or the final amount at the end of the project. The most important aspect here is the rate at which you’ll be billed, which is by the hour or at a flat rate. This will significantly impact the final bill of your project. Software development is a growing industry, so it’s always possible to find a developer that meets your budget.

8. Have You Ever Experienced a Project Failure?

Transparency is very important here. A qualified software development company will always be honest with you, informing you about their successes and failures in their business. While this seems like a negative question to ask, the answer you’ll receive will help you make the right decision moving forward. What kind of failure did a prospective software developer experience? Was it a budgeting issue or a break in the line of communication with a client? Asking this question will help you to understand how a developer is suited to tackle the unique challenges of your project.

Choose a Custom Software Developer Today!

Overall, hiring a custom software developer involves much more than signing a contract. The more focused you are on familiarizing yourself with their company, the better your decision will be. This will help you to develop a product that will best serve your company and its target audience. Nonetheless, hiring a software developer doesn’t have to be difficult. At Squads, we are a community of qualified software developers with diverse experiences across the board. If you’re interested in vetting a potential match on our platform, then you’ve come to the right place. Start your free roadmap today to put your upcoming software development project into context.