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3 Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers for Employees

Many companies are feeling the pinch at the moment, so if you’re searching for ways to cut costs and increase productivity, a change to employing remote-based workers is a great idea. In fact, you could save as much as $10,000 per employee per year. With a computer and a good internet connection, your staff can be anywhere in the world — and there is lots of evidence that this extra flexibility is really beneficial for both the company and the employees.

Reliability and Resilience

Workers calling in sick is one of the most disruptive staff issues for companies, as it affects the ability to meet deadlines and achieve goals. It’s estimated that 38% of employees took sick leave even when they were feeling well.

Sometimes your team just needs a breather or could use some time to deal with problems at home. Remote workers have flexible schedules and rarely call in sick. Additionally, they are not affected by transport issues like strikes or severe weather events, which means a greatly increased level of reliability. This is great for all businesses but particularly valuable for small ones where the impact of each staff absence will be higher.

A Happier and More Productive Workforce

People working at home have fewer distractions and interruptions than those in an office environment — a study by Airtasker discovered that remote workers are more productive. On average, remote employees worked 1.4 more days every month, compared to working in an office. Removing the need to commute is also seen as a positive, both for the time it saves and the positive environmental impact it has.

Remote employees work where and when suits them best, and can manage their workload around their family commitments. Remote working allows night owls to work in the evenings and early risers to be up with the lark.

Lower Your Costs

The benefits of employing remote workers can also be seen when you look at the cold hard cash. If you’re not maintaining physical office space, you can save a lot of money. Estimates are as large as $700 billion a year for companies in the US, if those with compatible jobs telecommuted half the time. You’re not paying for business rates, power, heating, and hardware — and it’s much easier to expand or contract your workforce if you need to, which is great if you have a seasonal business. You can also save on software and tech infrastructure through utilizing cloud services for communication and file storage; you only pay for what you need, rather than the costly maintenance of internal servers.

Widen Your Talent Pool

The current deficit of workers to fill technical roles is another great reason to hire remote workers. If the job can be done entirely on a computer, then as long as your employee has a secure internet connection, they can be anywhere in the country — even the world. You can get the best candidate for the job without having to restrict your search area or pay for relocations. Having a remote-based workforce spread over several countries also makes it easier for small companies to have 24/7 global coverage.

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